For 20 years, patients from all over have come to Dr. Wolin for his facelifts that include using a patient’s own fat as a “sculpting tool.”

“You cannot fix the deflation in an older face just by pulling on the skin,” he explains. “A youthful look has to do with the softness and plumpness of the skin.”

This procedure—which involves both a traditional facelift as well as then sculpting the lifted face with a patient’s own fat—achieves just that. The lift supports and tightens the skin and the underly- ing muscular supportive layer, while the fat helps plump the deflated face of aging. This leaves a patient with a youthful and soft look, rather than an “operated-on,” artificial look.

The other benefit? When you transfer your body’s own fat into another place, you are also transferring your structural cells (including Adult Stem Cells) as part of that fat. These cells appear to affect the skin, increasing the health—and look—of the skin tissue for that great youthful glow.

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