Covid 19 Update

The latest information on the Coronavirus and our office policies

JUNE 1, 2020

Dear patients:

I appreciate that you are receiving many letters like this, but as my patient, I want you to know how we’re responding during these challenging times.
First and foremost, I hope you are staying well. As a medical practice, Wolin Plastic Surgery is adjusting to the current circumstances that all of us are facing during this unprecedented time. With information moving so quickly, we think it’s important to keep you informed of the measures we’re taking to ensure the health of both our patients and staff. As you’d expect, all decisions we’re making are being guided by the counsel of outside public health experts, including the CDC and local health authorities.

At this time, we are making plans to reopen our office to patient visits as well as elective outpatient surgeries. Our actual date of resuming office hours will be announced as soon as possible. We are following the Public Health guidelines best practices for seeing all our patients under the most medically secure and safest conditions. Since the number of actual Covid Antibody tests have not been given to the vast majority of citizens, I felt that it was in all of our patient’s best interest to test each patient before they are seen in our office. Towards this end, we are supplying lab requisitions or prescriptions to all patients so that each person can easily have their own Covid antibody testing done simply and efficiently at a number of convenient Sonora Quest laboratories locally. Since there are so many silent carriers of the virus who never actually knew they were infected, it would be in everyone’s interest to be Antibody tested to determine their present and ongoing risk. In this way, we can maintain our office in a state of awareness as to who exactly is a contact risk and who is not. Whether a patient tests positive( has already been infected) or negative( has not been infected) they can still be seen. However, the negative patients will be consulted in an environment of full Personal Protective equipment to keep the possibility of contamination at it’s lowest level.

I am acutely aware of the emotional, financial and general stress level this pandemic is causing. I hope that providing aesthetic services that help you feel better about your appearance under an umbrella of safety and protection will alleviate some of the mental and physical strain we are all enduring during this most difficult time.

Andrew M Wolin MD FACS

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