What is a Breast Enhancement?

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Breast enhancements are an assortment of procedures that are designed to augment the appearance of the breast. Whether it be to enlarge, decrease, alter the shape, or just improve the overall look and feel, breast enhancements are a popular choice for women concerned with their bust line.

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These procedures unlock the natural beauty of women, allowing them to enjoy a visually pleasing pair of breasts. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and celebrate her femininity from within. However, many women often don’t feel this way. Women who suffer from larger bust sizes can go through constant pain and unwanted attention. Some may be breaking free from the reality of breast cancer and are looking to regain confidence in themselves again. Others simply want a different curvature and plumpness to their breast form. Thankfully, these concerns can be addressed by having breast enhancement surgery.

At Wolin Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Wolin performs a wide range of breast procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast implant exchanges. Since 1985, Dr. Andrew Wolin has been one of the leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. He helps clients achieve the best that they can be. If you’re interested in learning more about how to achieve a bigger breast size, or enhance the shape of the size you have,  call our offices today at (480) 945-8440. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Wolin.

Before and After Photos

Breast Augmentation at Wolin Plastic Surgery Center

Breast augmentation is a customizable procedure that alters the shape and size of the breast. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. Technological advances and synthetic implants make this option safer than ever before. 

There are two major implant materials we use:

Silicone Breast Implant

If you’re looking for a firm, perky figure, then getting silicone implants may be just the thing for you. It’s soft “gummy” feel produces a strong lift, and a natural feel.

Saline Breast Implants

For women seeking a non silicone solution while maintaining a soft feel, saline implants are a good choice. They typically have a very low risk profile as few patients experience any complications.

Breast Lift

Breast lifts are for women looking to address the issue of ptosis, or sagging breasts caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging. It is often performed alongside other breast treatments. An incision can be either made by encircling the areola and removing a doughnut shaped circle of skin or an anchor pattern is used to create a vertically tightened or cone-shaped form. [1][2] This procedure is done by redistributing excess skin and breast tissue to create a more projected and youthful breast shape. The areola is resized and repositioned so it projects a new look. The results produce a perkier pair of breasts with greater projection. 

Breast Reduction

Also known as reduction mammoplasty, a breast reduction helps women slim down large or asymmetrical breasts. Dr. Wolin removes excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue to adjust your breast weight and volume. It is a great solution for women suffering from discomfort and pain. It also dramatically improves body image, boosts self-confidence, and overall posture. [1]

Breast Implant Exchange

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A Breast Implant Exchange is carried out when an implant deflates and needs to be replaced,  as well as when a breast capsule causes constriction of the breast pocket with concomitant pain or discomfort. The old implant is removed along with the capsule (scar tissue) next to it. A new implant is inserted into the breast pocket. Both an implant exchange and breast lift can be performed in one session if needed.


Breast enhancement is a life-altering experience that showcases noticeable results almost immediately. Whether you need an augmentation, lift, reduction, or implant exchange, these procedures can have a profound effect on your self-image and confidence. Women should feel comfortable in their bodies and bask in their beautiful figure. Patients have cited many benefits to having a breast enhancement procedure including: 

  • More proportional chest 
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved sex life
  • Better fitted clothing
  • Restoration of figure to pre-pregnancy levels

Candidates for Breast Enhancement

Women considering any breast enhancement treatment should be in good physical and mental health. Good candidates should be committed to following guidance from Dr. Wolin to ensure grade-A results. He will make sure that you are prepared and comfortable with your decision. Ideal candidates should:

  • Be at a stable weight
  • Not smoke
  • Follow after-care instructions
  • Have realistic expectations

Personal Consultation

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Your private consultation with Dr. Wolin will allow you to express expectations and ask questions about our breast enhancement options. Dr. Wolin will thoroughly answer any questions so you can make an educated decision. We will describe your procedure of choice in full detail and inquire about your medical history. Then, Dr. Wolin will place you in a sizing bra and use breast sizing implants to determine your best volume for your implant size. A customized plan will then be put together for you so that you can be one step closer to your ideal breast size and shape.


Your consultation with Dr. Wolin will include detailed instructions on how to prepare for a breast enhancement. Patients are advised to stop smoking, including vaping, as soon as they can. This benefits your overall health and wellness but it also avoids complications during the operation and recovery process. Let Dr. Wolin know if any medication you are currently taking as you may have to stop them before surgery. Medications including, aspirin, ibuprofen, herbal supplements, and blood-thinning medications should be stopped.

Plan to have a trusted person like a friend or family member drive you home after surgery and care for your 24 hours. 


Dr. Wolin performs all his breast surgery procedures in his state-of-the-art surgical center. This is an AAAASF certified operative theater that is certified to deliver the highest level of surgical service possible. Only anesthesiologists certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology are utilized to deliver the safest and latest techniques in sedative anesthesia. 

To further enhance the intra and post-op experience, Dr. Wolin performs Ultrasound Guided long acting anesthesia blocks to the nerves supplying the breasts. This provides an amazing experience for the patients in that less anesthetic medicine is needed for the procedure and a greater comfort level post operatively is achieved for every patient. Patients rave that they rarely need post-op narcotics during the immediate post-op period.


Recovery times from any one of our breast enhancement surgeries vary from person to person. The type of procedure is a key factor in the time it takes to heal. Several days are required to rest after surgery. Dr. Wolin will review any specific instructions regarding your case during your pre-operation appointment. Medication may be prescribed to you to manage any discomfort. You will be given a post-operative garment or bandages to ensure optimal results. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled with Dr. Wolin to ensure your recovery goes according to plan. Suture removal (if any) will happen within one to two weeks. Depending on which procedure you choose, you won’t be able to perform strenuous activities for two to six weeks.


Improvements to your new body are noticeable immediately after your procedure but your final results will take time to reveal themselves with proper aftercare. [2] Once swelling and bruising subside, it will take several months for the incisions and scarring to disappear. Don’t let that get you down. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle will guarantee stunning results that last many years.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Dr. Wolin takes a holistic approach to enhance a patient’s looks. He ensures patients have a balanced proportion that improves their appearance. Breast enhancements can refine the size and shape of your chest, but paying attention to other areas of your body can also be a rewarding way to get the best results possible. 

Power-assisted liposuction using the SAFE technique is frequently utilized at the time of the breast contouring to achieve the most artistic final results. This technique can blend the lateral aspect of the breast with the chest wall and bra fat region.

The utilization of fat transfer to the superior breast and decollete is also frequently used to enhance the overall shape and contour of the superior breast region. This technique allows the cleavage region to be narrowed in the midline in those patients whose chest wall shape causes the implants to diverge outwardly. Fat is also used to blend the superior breast over the breastbone and ribs in those patients with very bony upper chest anatomy.

How Much Does a Breast Enhancement Cost In Scottsdale?

Each one of our breast enhancements is tailored just to you! Depending on your desired look, and the procedures you select, the cost will vary. As such, you will get a customized quote by Dr. Wolin, who explains the associated costs for each one of our breast enhancement surgeries. Each woman who walks through our doors has a unique body waiting to be transformed and we strive to help you get there. For a detailed quote, schedule a consultation with Dr. Wolin today at (480) 945-8440.


What’s the difference between a breast enhancement and implants?

Breast enhancement is an all-encompassing term that refers to procedures improving the appearance of the breasts according to a patient’s needs. This can include breast augmentation with implants, breast reduction, a breast lift, or gynecomastia surgery. 


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