Hand Rejuvenation

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Hand Rejuvenation

Look at your hands. Do they give your age away? There’s a good reason why: your hands are ignored in most skincare regimens and so they often show your true age. Our hands allow us to take care of others and to take care of ourselves. It’s time that you took care of them. 

Dr. Wolin has perfected several different procedures to minimize the signs of aging in your hands. His Wolin Plastic Surgery Center serves Scottsdale, Arizona, with the region’s best regenerative cosmetic procedures. Call (480) 945-8440 to schedule your consultation and discover which hand rejuvenation system is right for you.

How Can I Get Rid of Wrinkles on My Hands?

Wrinkles on hands

There are a number of preventative, surgical and minimally invasive hand rejuvenation techniques that will keep your skin looking youthful

Sun damage is a big risk for the tender skin at the back of the hand. The hands are at least as vulnerable as the face to the constant strain of exposure to the elements. If you live in a dry, sunny area like Arizona, be sure to apply sunscreen to the back of your hands daily. Moisturizer is your friend! Administer it frequently, as needed, especially after your morning bathing routine and before you go to bed at night. Some people may need more intense moisturizing products to properly treat the hands’ resilient skin. 

Consult Dr. Wolin for product recommendations. More involved surgical and non-surgical procedures will require the services of the doctor or one of his professional aestheticians. 

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Injectable Fillers – Natural and Artificial

Fillers have also shown to be very effective for restoring lost volume in the hands. Dr. Wolin uses two different techniques for hand rejuvenation. 

Natural Filler

Natural Fillers

The first is the use of micro-fat, taken from the tummy or thighs and then injected beneath the skin of the hands. This micro-fat produces a smooth contour to the tops of the hands. It truly regenerates healthier skin support and fills the hollows of aging. A large amount of the fat lasts forever and is integrated into your skin foundation. Academics, doctors in the field and Dr. Wolin himself all agree that fat transfer sets the standard for effective, enduring hand revitalization. In 2016, a report published in the Journal of Hand Surgery named fat grafting as the superior choice for patients requesting younger-looking hands.[1]

Artificial Filler

A second option is a  new technique that uses a local anesthetic to blend the thicker HLA (Juvederm, Restylane) substances into a smoother, softer product designed to support the thin damaged skin on the back of the hands. The filler is introduced atraumatically, with blunt cannulas, and is massaged beneath the skin to produce a smooth, soft result. 

Both of these techniques are preceded by a “skin building” program. The program utilizes topical Retin A, Hydroquinone, anti-pigmentation substances and a light dose of anti-inflammatories applied to the back of the hands for a three week period and then continued post-treatment.  This thickens the thin hand skin, as well as providing a lightening of brown spots and and a flattening of wrinkles. 

Like a delicate, french pastry, the skin at the back of the hand can resemble a thin and crinkled crepe. “Crepey skin” is caused by an epidermis that’s lost its elasticity during the drop in collagen production that accompanies one’s advancing years. Crepey skin lies loosely across the veins and bone structures in the hand, revealing their inner intricacies. It’s a “cadaveric look” that is often associated with age. 

Injectables combat crepey skin by encouraging collagen production as well as by supplying your own fat to act as a biological natural filler. Collagen promotes fullness and responsiveness over laxity.[2] You will require regular refreshers of dermal fillers to maintain their effectiveness.      

Advanced Vein Sclerotherapy

Advanced Vein Sclerotherapy is used to get rid of the bulging green and purple veins at the back of the hands. This procedure erases the vein, giving your hands a smoother overall appearance. Dr. Wolin accomplishes these impressive results by way of injection. There is minimal downtime.

Light-Based Therapy

Laser light has some very special properties unto itself. It passes through the skin’s superficial layers where it is drawn to particular pigments. The electromagnetic rays zap away age spots while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Light therapy can also trigger collagen production which restores supple elasticity to your skin. 

Laser Resurfacing

Co2 Laser Resurfacing vaporizes dead and dying skin by targeting water molecules at the cellular level. The process kickstarts new cell growth while coaxing collagen production deep within the dermis. With Co2 Fractional laser resurfacing, the backs of your hands will beam with youth once more!

FotoFacial Plus

FotoFacial Plus is a great way to get rid of age spots. Your hands will attain a softer texture and your skin will glow! This is a no-downtime procedure.

Chemical Peel

Despite their different mechanisms for action, both chemical peels and laser resurfacing perform similar functions: deep collagen enhancement and superficial exfoliation. They sweep away old and damaged cells while encouraging new cell growth. 

A physician chemical peel on your hands can bring about striking change. The skin will soften and age spots will fade. Chemical peels to the hands require minimal downtime.

Dr. Wolin’s Exclusive Skin Building Program 

Dr. Wolin's Exclusive Skin Building Program

Dr. Wolin has worked for years with his plastic surgery patients, many of whom seek to reverse the signs of aging. He has certainly seen his share of skin damage caused by the hot, southwestern sun. He’s used all he has learned to create his exclusive Skin Building Program.

The following products are from Dr. Wolin’s personal line. They are each essential to a comprehensive anti-aging regimen for your hands. 


Dr. Wolin’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser is easy on the skin. It will not dry out your hands. It contains soothing Evodiox, derived from the Chinese Evodia rutaecarpa plant.


Supernova’s powerful textured pads exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth skin texture. You can’t get a chemical peel every day, but you can exfoliate with Supernova twice a week! This product is made with Azeloyl trichloroacetamide and salicylic acid, making it ideal for maintaining the effects of aesthetic treatments. 


Radiance rejuvenating cream combines a customized blend of Retin-A, hydroquinone, lactic acid, multiple high-level antioxidants, a cocktail of essential vitamins and other pigmentary suppressants. All of these elements work in concert to produce healthy, vibrant skin.


Stop the sun in its tracks! Solar Eclipse is a completely physical broad-spectrum sunscreen to which even mighty Apollo must abide. Its 14% Zinc oxide emollient formula is ideal for routine photoprotection of both the face and hands.

What Does Hand Rejuvenation Cost in Scottsdale, Arizona?

There are a variety of procedures and preventative measures for your hands. Dr. Wolin can keep your hands looking young or return them to a healthy and rejuvenated state. At your personal consultation, Dr. Wolin will inform you of your options and present a treatment plan that’s tailored to you. At such time he will provide you a cost estimate.

You’re in good hands with Dr. Wolin! His grateful patients can’t work their fingers fast enough when posting their reams of rave reviews. He’s made frequent media appearances to generously share his wisdom and knowledge with the Arizona community. Call (480) 945-8440 to schedule your consultation with the doctor and learn which hand rejuvenation regimen is right for you.  

Wave Goodbye to Wrinkled Hands  

Regular routine skincare to your hands is essential. Care for them just as you would care for your face. Remember, your hands will tell on you!


Are hand fillers safe?

Yes. Dermal fillers for the hands are FDA-approved for treating the signs of aging at the back of the hands. Signs of aging include volume loss, wrinkled “crepey skin,” visible bones and conspicuous veins. By aiming an injection directly under the skin, Juvederm acts instantly to plump sunken areas and restore youth. Juvederm continues to act over time, arousing the return of rejuvenating collagen. Collagen production plummets as we age; when it rebounds, so does your hands’ vital appearance.     

Why are my hands aging so fast?

Hands age faster than any other area of the body because they are constantly exposed to the elements. Even more than your face, your hands are the extremities that experience the extremes of your day-to-day life. They are always out there, working, pushing, pulling, holding on and letting go. Hence, they are steadily sprayed by UV rays. Sun damage plays a sun-sized role in the aging process. Additionally, hand washing and other cleansing rituals, while hygienic and highly recommended, place a strain on your skin. Your hands do so much for you. Moisturize and exfoliate them at least as often as your face. Put sunscreen on the back of your hands daily. Especially if you live in dry, sunny areas like Arizona. 


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