Dr. Wolin's Exclusive Skin Building Program

Offered at our convenient location in Scottsdale, Arizona

Medical-grade products customized for you to build new, youthful-looking skin


The best cosmetic surgery results begin with the healthiest skin before surgery. Through decades of work, Dr. Wolin has developed a program of medical-grade skin-care products his patients use before surgery to dramatically improve to look and health of their skin. But these skin-building products are not just for surgery patients. Nearly anyone can benefit from more youthful-looking, vibrant skin.

The secret for building new youthful looking skin

Dr. Wolin’s skin-building products work to stimulate growth of new healthy skin and to seal-in and protect this new skin from the harsh Arizona environment.

Radiance Custom Formula

Radiance Custom Formula, is the workhorse of the products. This product combines an individually customized blend of Retin A , Hydroquinone (supplied as Arbutin, a more easily tolerated pigment reducer) as well as Lactic Acid, multiple high level anti oxidants, Vitamins A, B, C, E and other pigmentary suppressants.

The Retin A builds new skin, thickening the skin protective layer while the anti pigmentary components remove unsightly pigment (age spots). The Lactic acid provides an AHA component that allows the top layers of dead skin to exfoliate. All of the components have been added to do specific work in rejuvenating and producing healthy more vibrant skin.


Luxe Complex

The second product, Luxe Complex, is a Barrier Protection compound that seals and protects your vibrant new skin. It blocks the loss of water from your skin while supplying vital vitamins B, C, and E . These vitamins along with specific peptides function as antioxidants and anti-pigmentary agents. Thus, the product is not just an ordinary moisturizer, but a complex formula to protect your skin’s cellular and water content.