Hand Rejuvenation Scottsdale – Hand Surgery Phoenix

Look at your hands. Do they give your age away?

Usually your hands are ignored and continue to show your true age. Dr. Wolin has perfected several different procedures to minimize the aged hands look.

*Regain the youthful plump look of your hands with fluffing & contouring done with harvested fat from your own body. This is a minimal down time procedure. The results can be dramatic.

*Advanced Vein Sclerotherapy is used to get rid of those bulging green veins and has been very successful. This procedure collapses the vein giving a smoother overall appearance. It is done by injection and there is no down time.

*FotoFacial™ Plus is a great way to get rid of the brown age spots and attain a softer texture and look to your hands. This is a no down time procedure.

*A chemical peel on your hands can bring about dramatic changes. The skin will soften and the age spots fade. Chemical peels to the hands are minimal down time procedures.

*Our Aesthetician offers the Hand Healer. This procedure includes cleansing, exfoliation, custom serum and application of a mask, all topped off with a wonderfully relaxing hand dip into warm paraffin. This will not only enhance the appearance of your hand’s skin but also soothes aching joints.

Regular routine skin care to your hands is essential. Care for your hands just as you care for your face. Remember they will tell on you.